Hey! Are You a Coach, Course Creator, or Solopreneur?
Here's a question for you --

What’s the biggest difference between a highly profitable launch that FLOODS your Paypal dashboard with new buyers...

… and one that barely covers your costs, makes you ugly cry to your biz besties, and has you feeling like a total failure?

Most people say ‘list size’.

But that's not it.

(Plenty of people with small lists have profitable launches.)

Or maybe you guessed 'how big your ad budget is', but that's not it either.

(You can have a highly profitable launch with ZERO ads.)

It's also not --

… how many webinars you run

… how fancy your funnel is

… or how big your following is on socials.

Sure, all these tactics have their place. But they’re only a fraction of the puzzle.

And the fact is, ALL of them are leading to the same critical bottleneck anyway...

And if you don’t get that one bottleneck right?

Then it doesn’t matter how great your product is, or how cool your bonuses are, or how great your facebook retargeting is… the simple truth is you will Not. Make. Sales.

So what is this bottleneck?

What is this single most important puzzle piece, that basically renders everything else null-and-void if it’s not right?

Your sales page.

When it comes down to it, your sales page is the thing — the ONLY thing — that can nudge your readers to take that all-important final step of pressing the ‘buy now’ button and punching in their credit card details.

Because while you might rock at hosting webinars, and your Facebook ninja might drop pixels in all the right places, and your funnel may have the fanciest evergreen software that money can buy…

At the end of the day, no matter what your strategy, your prospects all end up in the one place...

All roads lead to Rome.

And when you’re trying to earn money online and make a profit…

… Rome is your sales page.

Of course, writing sales pages sucks… 

At least, it has whenever you’ve tried it in the past.

You start with the best of intentions, a full cup of coffee, and your favourite “I’m gonna get shit done” spotify playlist pulsing through your headphones.

You settle into your chair, open up a blank document, stare at the blank page in front of you… and promptly remember how freaking daunting it is to write copy from scratch.

… Where should you start?

… What should you talk about?

… How do you sell without sounding like a sleazebag?

… How do you actually, like, convince people to buy from you?

… And for the love of all that is holy, how long should it be?!

It’s enough to send you straight for the bottle. (Chardonnay or kombucha, take your pick.)

Then to the couch. (Because surely a few hours of Netflix will inspire you… right?)

And when you FINALLY stop procrastinating and make it back to your laptop, and FINALLY force some words out of your brain and onto the page, it feels like wringing blood from a stone.

You get a fleeting sense of achievement when you finally finish your first full paragraph, but it disappears when you read back what you’ve written…

… why does it sound like you’ve got a stick up your butt?

… why does it all sound so salesy?

… and why is it so damn difficult to actually put. what. you. do. into. words?


With time — and motivation — slipping away, there’s only one option left: hire someone to write it for you.

An hour of googling confirms your fears: the good copywriters — the ones who seem to actually know what they’re talking about — are way out of your budget...

… while the ones you can afford give you the sneaking suspicion that they just slapped “copywriter” on their website after their previous business model didn’t pan out.

When you finally laser in on someone who looks sort-of within your budget (if you go easy on the VA this month), whose writing you like, and who has solid testimonials — aka a unicorn — you shoot them an email to book in your project and lock that shit down...

… only to receive a reply that makes your stomach sink — Yes, they can write you a sales page…

… but not for 6 months.

All in all, you feel crushed.

You do the only thing you can think of — push back your launch dates.

Explain to your partner / bestie / mastermind group that you need more time to “refine your strategy”.

And slide into a state of entrepreneurial defeat, where you doubt everything about your ENTIRE business and start believing that maybe you’re “just not the type of person” who's cut out for this whole online business thing.

... Want to opt-out of the cycle?

5 Damaging Myths That Stop People
From Focusing on Their Sales Page

… even though it’s literally the ONLY indispensable,
can’t-avoid-it piece of the “let’s make money online” puzzle.


“Jess is a super-talent and a TOTAL pro.”    

"The way she effortlessly weaves words is cause for celebration alone, but to have someone give you that kind of electric clarity around your offers? Priceless. Overwhelmed with gratitude for this lady’s phenomenal skills. Get her on your team!”

- RACHEL MACDONALD, Business Coach and Author

If you’ve made it this far...

You clearly GET that your sales page is the critical bottleneck
that all readers have to pass through before they become paying customers.

So I’ll stop banging on about how crucial they are 😉

Instead, let me go ahead and tell you the good news:

Writing a Highly Profitable Sales Page

— one that lights up your PayPal or Samcart dashboard with floods of new purchases —

Is Easier Than You Think

Because when you’ve got a proven system to follow — like the 6-Figure Sales Page Framework I’m about to share with you — you eliminate all the guessing and stressing from the copywriting process, and can jump straight to deploying the techniques and structures that actually convert.

This means you can:

  • Stop leaving money on the table.
  • Start writing in a way that makes people want to hear from you and — even more powerfully — want to buy from you.
  • Take whatever it is you’re ALREADY selling, change nothing except the words you use, and generate more income from it.
  • Take control of your own results by getting your copywriting DONE (rather than coming up with creative excuses about why you can’t launch yet, or postponing every launch for 6 months until your writer of choice is free).
  • Put in a little effort now, then sit back and reap the rewards way into the future. Because that’s how copywriting works: one well-written sales page can make you money for YEARS to come.

It’s all completely achievable and within reach, no matter what your level of writing experience or how many times you’ve been defeated by the blank page.

And to get these kinds of outcomes, you don’t need to sound like a Stage 5 Sleazeball (thank f#ck) or study conversion techniques for years on end...

All you do need is a step-by-step system that breaks down the process …

One that’s been proven to work repeatedly — for multiple people across multiple industries…

One that channels the most effective strategies (as backed by science) into an easy-to-follow approach...

And one that you’ll want to raise a glass to, the very next time you launch a product or service and are sitting there watching those Paypal notifications light up your phone.

If all that sounds like your packet of potato chips, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my signature sales page writing system…

Jess Larsen-62 copy 2



The proven step-by-step system for writing highly profitable sales pages that turn readers into buyers, ramp up your profits, and generate income on auto-pilot…

Write Your Own Sales Page

I’ve spent the past 6 years writing conversion copy for online entrepreneurs
and refining my signature sales page framework…


Melissa Ambrosini(1)



many of them generating 6-figures in revenue.

The end result is the Six Figure Sales Page Framework ™ — an easy-to-follow roadmap for writing high impact sales pages that convert even the most jaded readers into paying customers.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what level of writing experience you have — everyone from coaches to course creators, complete newbies to expert copywriters can use this system to write sales pages that convert like crazy and power up your launches… and all while still sounding like you.

Lisa Corduff (2)

“I had my best ever launch."

"I had only ever heard good reports about Jess's work. And now I know why. I hope I am NEVER without her. The work was exceptional. She got my voice, my community and was able to communicate the value of what I do WAY BETTER than I ever have. I had my best launch after over three years in online business and I credit much of that to Jess.

I feel like so much more is possible for my business now I have an expert copywriter, who is a total pleasure to work with, on the team. Thank you, Jess x"

- LISA CORDUFF, Small Steps Living

It works like this...

Step 1: Build Your Sales Page Foundations

A highly profitable sales page requires rock solid foundations, so that’s what we’ll construct.

We’ll also ensure you’ve got the basics in place that allow you to easily sidestep overwhelm and writer’s block completely (the two most common issues that stop people writing profitable sales copy).

You’ve got two lessons here. The first guides you through the process of getting your mindset sorted and answers your most burning sales page questions.

The second will help you dive deep into the secret depths of your customer’s brain — THE place to be if you want to make more sales than ever before. (If you’ve ever spent ages doing an “ideal customer avatar”, found it completely useless, and then promptly buried it in a desk drawer, you’re going to love this useful-AF process that actually works.)

By the time you’ve wrapped up this step, you’ll have laid the groundwork for your most profitable page ever, and have already amassed a bunch of copy you can slot straight into your final draft.

Here’s what we’ll get sorted:

  • Why selling yourself and your stuff feels so damn hard (and how to get out of this limiting headspace for good)
  • ''For the love of wine, please tell me, how long should a sales page be?'' (Finally — a real answer! Backed by science! Praise be to Zeus!)
  • The secret to sounding like yourself in your sales copy (and why ‘authentic’ doesn't have to mean swearing and sass).
  • Why the kind of copy Tim Ferriss and Marie Forleo writes will not work for you (and why trying to imitate them will hurt your sales).
  • The Neapolitan Ice-cream Rule for attracting ready-to-buy customers and positioning your product as the only logical solution to their problems
  • How to get the downlow on what your customers REALLY want (but will never tell you to your face) and how to use this secret info to leapfrog ahead of your competitors
  • The BEST place to do rapid audience research and reveal the deepest desires of your customers’  — even if you don’t actually have an audience yet.

Step 2: Craft Your Conversion Elements

With your foundations rock solid, your customer’s hidden depths exposed, and your mindset engineered for confidence, we’ll start writing your highly profitable sales page — one element at a time.

Things get exciting when The Six Figure Sales Page Framework is revealed for the first time — woot! 😉

Then we start writing the different elements of your page in a way that fuses conversion techniques, the science of human decision-making, linguistics, and evolutionary theory with everyday conversational language… which might sound super fancy, but is actually really simple once you know how.

You’ve got 7 lessons here, each guiding you through EXACTLY how to write the copy components that do the heaviest lifting when it comes to turning your readers into buyers — everything from your Headline and Hooks, right through to your Calls to Action and the Six-Figure Sign-Off…

By the time you’ve finished Step #2, you’ll have all your core elements drafted up, optimised for conversions, and ready to be slid straight into your final sales page.

You’ll get there with:

  • How to write insanely clickable headlines that magnetize your readers from the get-go (and how to keep your readers hooked once they’re on your page).
  • The 7 story archetypes to capture your prospects' attention and get them emotionally invested in your product or service (even if your business is “boring” and even if you think you "have no story").
  • The 'Power Words' that trigger a specific emotional response in your readers and even allow you to charge more for your product. (We're talking some Hogwarts-level word wizardry here.)
  • The best way to position, structure, and format your testimonials for maximum impact. (Plus: what to do if you don’t have any testies yet.)
  • What psychology reveals about pricing, when you should absolutely NOT list your prices, the right place to position the price on your page, and how to communicate the true value of your product (so readers don't get scared off).
  • Why you’ve got to think like 'The Bachelor' when it comes to your sales copy (plus The ‘Cupid Method’ for making your customers fall in love with you)
  • How to use scarcity and urgency in a way that compels your readers to act swiftly (but that doesn’t erode their trust).
  • Advanced Technique: How to express the true benefits of your product in a way that speaks straight to your readers’ deepest hopes and fears (we go so much further here than just the stock-standard “so that” stuff you’ll find elsewhere).
  • The two crucial elements of your sales page that even experienced copywriters hardly bother with, but that attract LOADS of eyeballs and can make a huge difference to your conversions.
  • The CORRECT way to write a module breakdown. (Because most people are royally underselling themselves with their product breakdowns.)
  • Advanced Technique: The pro tip to instantly ramp up the perceived value of your product and skyrocket your position in your industry. (It costs about $200, and will give you the best ROI ever.)
  • Add horsepower to your page with The Six Figure Sign-Off — a method that transforms reluctant readers into determined buyers WITHOUT veering into sleaze or scare tactics.

Step 3: Synthesize for Sales

You’ve now got everything written and in front of you, ready to go. This is where we bring it all together, write your page, and make it sing.

Remember, most people who don’t know better start here — skipping straight to the writing stage…

… Which is why they’re filled with panic and overwhelm as they stare at the blank google doc in front of them, guessing at what they should say, and trying to dream up the right messaging.

But you? You’ve got a system and science on your side.

And with Step 2 complete, you’ve got all the ingredients you need for a profitable page at your fingertips — and they’re washed, chopped, prepped, and laid out so neatly they’d make Martha Stewart smile 😉

So now, for you, it’s a simple matter of sliding everything into the Six Figure Sales Page Framework, punching it up with some extra horsepower, then editing it like a pro.

Here’s how we’ll get there:

  • The two types of readers you must cater for (and how to satisfy each of their needs in the same page).
  • How to write headings that capture attention and demand to be read.
  • The writing technique that unlocks your inner writer and unleashes a stream of quality copy — fast.
  • Advanced Technique: How to break the rules and make the Six Figure Sales Page Framework your own.
  • The only question you ever need to ask yourself to write high impact copy — even if you’re freewheeling (use this technique in ALL your writing — newsletters, social media, all of it).
  • The hard-won tactics I use to edit sales pages, bestselling books, and all the copy for my 1:1 clients to ensure every single sentence is tight and pulling its weight.
  • The strange technique I use to make my writing sound good (and why you should absolutely use it too)
  • The Six Figure Sales Page Master Checklist – to ensure you never leave anything out or any $ on the table. (Use this powerful tool to transform ALL your sales copy — now and in the future.)
be yourself(6)


‘Never Get Copy Overwhelm Again’


You can spot the people suffering from Copy Overwhelm a mile away…

A to-do list filled with writing tasks that never get done, launch dates that are always getting pushed back, hours wasted on Instagram and Facebook rather than having to face the blank page, and a PayPal dashboard that stubbornly refuses to light up (even though their program deserves to sell like whoa).

I think you’ll agree, it’s not a fun place to be!

So to help you confidently avoid these common ‘symptoms’ and get your copywriting DONE (rather than coming up with creative excuses about why you can’t launch yet, or spending so much time on social media that Zuckerberg busts out a happy dance), I’ve assembled a vault of tools to keep you on track and motivated throughout the process.

These are the ‘secret weapons’ that help me write my heart out, day after day, for my bigtime clients… even on those days when I’m “not in the mood” or “not feeling it”.

Eliminate motivation slumps with:

  • 12 Creative Hacks to Get Unstuck — The genius hacks I’ve earned from 6 years of writing copy every single day (no matter what my mood or energy levels), that have helped me pump out 6-figure sales pages… even on days I felt like crap.
  • “How the heck do I actually do this?” Let me walk you through my exact writing process, so you can see the A-Z of a sales page come to life (complete with when I take breaks to maximise creativity, and how I put my brain into ‘problem solving’ mode even when I’m not at my desk).
  • The Copywriting and Tech Tools I swear by. Don’t waste time searching and testing stuff, or reading 15 different message boards for reviews. Just piggyback off my hard-won research from my own business and the many 6-figure campaigns I’ve been in the trenches on.
  • The Inspiration Vault: Take your journey to the next level with these 20 powerful resources to fire up your copywriting, marketing and creativity. (Yep, this is professionally sanctioned procrastination that will ACTUALLY fill your creative tank and skill you up for better writing and business-ing).
  • The Power List: A list of 300 power words I love using in copy, that will electrify your message and give you ideas when you’re stuck.
  • My 3 Curated Spotify Playlists for Maximum Productivity, each engineered for a specific writing mindset (backed by science, press play for an instant mood shift).
Karena Lindell

“I used to dread writing copy... not anymore." 

"Before signing up for Write Your Own Sales Page, I dreaded writing copy. All of my years of academic writing made my writing feel dry. And I was terrified of sounding too "salesy"! I really didn't think that I could write good copy and I avoided it!

Jess's course has tons of highly practical and actionable information that has helped me find my own voice, use story to connect with my potential clients and have a little bit of fun while doing it! Thanks, Jess."

- KARENA LINDELL, Reflexologist and Entrepreneur

Join Now and Take Control of Your Sales


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The 30-Day “Set Yourself Up For Sales”
Risk-Free Guarantee


If you’re still not sure about joining up…

I want to give you a chance to try out the program properly, without any risk.

That way, you can see for yourself how easy it is to use this framework to write sales pages that sound like you, that speak straight to your readers’ deepest desires, and that compel them to take action and punch in their credit card details.

That’s why I offer this guarantee: sign up now and take 30 full days to test drive the content.

If you implement the first two lessons and still feel like you haven’t gotten deep insight into your customers and haven’t uncovered powerful language to slide straight into your sales page…

… I'll give you a full refund straight away – no questions asked and no hard feelings. I'll even cop the processing fees.

Simply send an email to my assistant, Holly at heythere@hellowordsmith.com within 30 days of your purchase – making sure to include the completed exercises for Lesson 2 (so that we know you gave it a go, and weren’t just kicking the tyres) – and we’ll refund you the full purchase price straight away.

That’s how confident we are that this approach to copywriting works, and that it’ll have you writing highly compelling sales pages in short order, minus any ‘guessing and stressing’.

“Why should I learn from you?”

Jess Larsen-97


Jess Larsen here.

When I’m not eating Mexican food or pestering impressing my husband and daughter with my interpretive dance moves, you’ll find me bunkered down with an extra hot skim latte writing conversion copy.

I’ve written the sales pages for more than a dozen 6 figure product launches.

And my portfolio is filled with work for some of the online rockstars you look up to...

Women like: Melissa Ambrosini, Rachel MacDonald, Tara Bliss, Lisa Corduff, Nick Boadhurst, Kate Byrne, Louise Glendon and more.

When I first started in the game, everywhere I looked, all I found was sales pages that were extremely… well, “salesy”.

They felt gross. Slimy. Like you needed to hose yourself down after reading one.

And I knew from the start that I’d rather go back to my corporate cubicle with my tail between my legs than spend my career writing that way.

That’s why I developed the 6-figure Sales Page Framework™ — a writing method that takes the latest ‘what’s-working-now’ principles of customer psychology and human decision-making...

And blends them with storytelling, intuitive sequencing and natural language patterns to create highly compelling sales pages that turn readers into buyers without the slightest hint of sleaze, slime, or ‘you want steak knives with that?’.

I designed this framework so that it’s usable and intuitive for both copywriters and non-writers alike, and I’ve used it to write 6-figure sales pages in industries as diverse as business training, photography, health, mindset, marketing and spirituality.

Which means that no matter what your business, and no matter how much or how little writing you’ve done in the past, you can use the 6-figure Sales Page Framework to connect deeper with your audience, and get them to say a genuine, full body heck yes to pressing your ‘buy now’ button and making things official with you...

… with having to sell your soul, hose yourself down, or throw in a set of steak knives.

(Cheers to that.)

Jess Larsen-93

Here’s What People Have to Say
About My Signature Sales Page Method…


"The response from my clients has been OUT OF THIS WORLD."

"Jess Larsen’s work blew my mind. She got my voice, nailed the copy and had me giggling at my own sales pages. The response from my clients has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. Working with Jess was one of the best investments I EVER have made for my business and I am deliriously happy with her work.

Get Jess’ words for your business if you are ready for your sales to go BOOM!"

Branding Guru, Flourish Online


"Jess truly is THE BEST in the business!"

"Jess is an absolute genius at crafting copy that converts. Her work is of a meticulously high standard, on brand and so readable. A total professional and a delight to work with, having Jess write my sales copy has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. I want to scream from the rooftop how amazing Jess is but at the same time keep quiet so she always has some availability for my projects. Jess truly is THE BEST in the business!"

Eco Expert, LauraTrotta.com


"Jess has single-handedly changed the way I write."

"Jess is THE communication expert (and I don’t throw that word around willy nilly). You need her on your team. She has single-handedly changed the way I write, the way I see myself and the way I deliver my message to my peeps – effectively handing me the keys to making money online and becoming the business woman I’ve been working my ass to be. Beyond her crazy mad skills with wordsmithing she is the whole B I G picture. So yeah, you needed her in your life, like, yesterday."

Screenwriter, Comedian, Copywriter @ The Copy Word


"Jess helped me find clarity in my message."

"Working with Jess is incredible. Every part of the process – from start to finish – is laden with joy, excitement and… clarity.

The best bit? She doesn’t change the tone, feel or intention behind my words… she simply enhances them, helping to make my message smoother than Justin Timberlake’s dancing. I adore everything she’s about, everything she writes, and every moment of working with her. I highly recommend you get in touch with this lady. She will make your day, a thousand times over. She will polish your message, until it shines. She will help you find clarity, and that’s a gift we all deserve."

Author and Naturopath


"One of the best investments I’ve made for my business."

"Working with Jess has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you so much Jess, beaming so much gratitude to you and your amazing gifts. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend you highly enough."

Spiritual Teacher

Rose Beltz

"Jess Larsen is one of my best kept secret weapons. "

"Not only is she as cool as a cucumber… She is sharp as a whip and as witty as they come.

From branding to ghost writing, copyediting to marketing, and web-copy to design strategy… Over the course of five years, she has saved my life and sanity on… let’s just say, more than one or two occasions!

She is professional, upbeat and personable. You will not be disappointed! What can I say? I’m a huge fan!"

Journalist, The Today Show, NBC, RosemarieB.com


"Working with Jess is a dream... And so damn easy."

"Not only does she totally get your voice, but she is a ball to brainstorm and collaborate with always bringing her epic ideas to the table. I have been working with Jess for years now and I couldn't ask for a better copywriter on my team. I adore her and she is now basically part of the furniture at MA."

Bestselling Author of 'Mastering Your Mean Girl', Podcast Host

Write Your Way to Your Best-Ever Launch


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  • Avoid recurring payments
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Your fellow entrepreneurs had questions before they joined.

Here are the A’s to their most asked Q’s.

You’re Ready to Write Your Way to Your Biggest-Ever Launch, If….

I only want you to join Write Your Own Sales Page if you know, for sure, that it’s the bridge that will take you from ‘Gah, this copy sucks!’ to ‘Holy crap, I wrote that myself (and look at those PayPal pings!)’

To help you figure it out, here’s a list of the kind of people who typically get the most out of the program.

  1. You’re just getting started and are about to launch your first course, service or program. You want to make sure you’re getting as much money for it as possible, right from the get-go.
  2. You’ve launched before, but did not see the kind of results you expected — the kind you dream of, that you see other people achieving… and it hurt. Your confidence took a real hit, and it made you doubt everything — your abilities, your business model, even whether you’re even cut out for this whole “being an entrepreneur” thing in the first place.
  3. You’re good at what you do, you believe in what you’re selling, and you KNOW it can help people… and it would be a relief for your sales page to actually express that value to customers (‘cos you’re not sure it does right now).
  4. You’ve got no problem with putting in some time to get your copy right. As long as you know that it’s time spent well, and you’re going to see a pay-off when you’re done.
  5. And truth be told, you’re ALREADY investing significant time and funds into launching your product or program. You’ve been doing ‘all the things’ — setting up funnels, writing sales emails, posting on social media — and want to make sure that you get the ROI you deserve for all that effort.
  6. You’ve always been worried that your sales page is leaving money on the table. It’s just never felt ‘right’ to you, and you’re tired of trying to guess at what you should write and which order it should go in. You get overwhelmed by all the people dishing out contradictory advice. And you’re also a bit sceptical — most of them are repeating the same old stale advice with no results to show for it, and they make zero mention of how they’re approach is shaped by science or data.
  7. You’re excited about what it would mean to have a reliable, repeatable way of generating profit. You know that with a sales page that actually converts the way it should, business would be a whole lot easier — no more 2 a.m. panic attacks about cash flow, no more secretly wondering if you’d be better off going back to corporate, no more despair when you open your launch up to the gut-dropping chirp of crickets.
  8. You’re EXTRA excited about focusing on your copy now to impact your income way into the future. You get the fact that one well written sales page can make you money for years to come. So you’re super pumped to put in a little effort short term, then sit back and reap the rewards for dozens of launches to come.
  9. You’re ready to test-drive Write Your Own Sales Page for 30 days, risk free. As long as you’re prepared to give the program a fair shot for 4 weeks and do the work, we guarantee you’ll see tangible improvements in your powers of persuasion, get visible ROI, and experience that “why didn’t I do this sooner” feeling that re-energizes your launching and powers you through the writing process. (Otherwise, of course, you can shoot us an email and my team will refund your whole purchase price straight away.)

If you nodded your head for at least 6 of the above 9 items, you owe it to yourself, your business, and your next launch, to give Write Your Own Sales Page a risk-free shot.

Can I drop a final truth-bomb?

By this stage, you know the biggest difference between a highly profitable launch and one that triggers a torrent of snotty tears... your sales page.

You know that it’s the critical bottleneck that all your prospects must go through before they become customers.

You get it.

But do you know that 75% of entrepreneurs will read this, get jazzed up with thoughts of how much they could transform their business with a killer sales page, decide to “mull over it”...

Then click away, forget all about it, and never actually get around to improving their copy and their bottom line.

Here are 3 ways that they’ll continue to struggle:

  1. They’ll continue to do great work… that no one buys. No matter how great their product or program is, with a critical gap in their sales process, they’ll always be leaving money on the table and failing to tap into the parts of their audience that are hungry for help and ready to buy.
    (True cost: Your cash flow, and the amount of impact you can make in the world.)
  2. They’ll continue to devalue their time with a scattergun approach to launching. They’ll put their hope in the next flashy marketing trend that buzzes through their facebook feed — maybe quizzes, or evergreen webinars, or whatever magic bullet comes next — not realising that the most advanced strategies in the world won’t have an impact if their critical bottleneck isn’t performing.
    (True cost: Upwards of six figures per year. And months — if not years — of trial and error, without any pay-off to show for it.)
  3. They won’t be able to scale their business and put their profit on autopilot. Achieving the Holy Grail of online business — aka an automated funnel that converts at scale — relies on having a high impact sales page. Without one, they’ll continue flushing their facebook ad budget down the toilet while trying to plug the gaps with more and more hustle.
    (True cost: Not to be melodramatic, but your freedom! And all those hopes and dreams that are splashed across your vision board and that made you start your own business in the first place.)

But with 30 days to try out the Six Figure Sales Page Framework, wouldn’t you rather see what it’s like to experience a torrent of sales, instead of a torrent of snot and tears?!

You’ve done amazing work to build your business to where it is now...

But isn’t it time you started seeing more pay-off for all the energy and effort you put in?

Isn’t it time your cash-flow was solid enough that you could start spending time on your business, not just in it?

This is your invitation to invest in training that will spill over into so many areas of your business, and that will pay off exponentially for years to come.

Because when you know how to write sales pages that are engineered for conversions?

That sound like you?

And that speak to straight the heart of your ideal customers?

Your words won’t just squeeze out a few extra sales…

… They’ll unlock the door to highly profitable launches, funnels that go BOOM, and your first true taste of freedom in your business.


  • x 6 payments,
    cashflow friendly


  • Avoid recurring payments
    and save $97
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Financial disclaimer: The term ‘Six Figure Sales Page Framework’ refers to the fact that this is the structure Jess has used to write six figure sales pages for her clients. It should not be construed as a guarantee of results or revenue. As with all training programs, your results may vary.
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