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‘Writing sales copy is fun,’
said nobody ever in the history of the internet.

In fact, most creative entrepreneurs would rather poke themselves in the eyeball than sit down in front of a blank page and try to sell themselves with their words.




And what to include.
And how to structure it all so it makes sense.
Which is why it’s so easy to doubt yourself and second-guess every sentence:

...Does it sound okay?
...Have I left anything out?
...And for the love of wine, how long is it meant to be?!


After all, this is your livelihood we’re talking about,
which makes it feel like there’s
so-freaking-much riding on this one page.

And while you want to be persuasive
(and you certainly don’t want to leave any potential $$ on the table),
you also don’t want to come across as pushy.



You worry about slipping into that ‘salesy’
writing style that always makes you cringe

You care WAY too much about your tribe
(not to mention your business)
to publish a page that sounds anything less than *you*…
if only that wasn’t so flipping hard to do!

So, how can you make sure your words express the true value of your product or service, without veering into douche-ville?

And is it even possible to write strategically while still sounding like you?

The answer, dear Boss Lady, is simple…



Write Your Own Sales Page is a self-study program that will show you how to write compelling sales copy – without the sleaze-factor.

Comprised of 11 instant-access lessons (and a slew of super-useful bonuses), this bad boy will have you composing smart, strategic sales pages that:

- Sound exactly like you
- Speak straight to the heart of your customers
- And that compel them to take action

… all in a matter of mere hours.


“Jess is a super-talent and a TOTAL pro.”

The way she effortlessly weaves words is cause for celebration alone, but to have someone give you that kind of electric clarity around your offers? Priceless. Overwhelmed with gratitude for this lady’s phenomenal skills. Get her on your team!”

Rachel MacDonald | RachelMacdonald.com

What will you learn?



Everything you need to know to write your own sales page
... even if you're not a natural writer, or are prone to creative block.

This program will walk you through the exact step-by-step process I use with my one-on-one clients — the same process that’s helped them achieve multiple 6-figure launches, sell out their coaching packages within days, get their books on bestseller lists, and generally kick business ass.

Each of the 11 lessons will help you write a specific section of your sales page. So by simply completing the exercises as you go, you’ll have all the different components ready to rock by the end of Lesson 9.

Then, in the final two lessons, I’ll be guiding you through the process of structuring your outline, sliding your sections in, and polishing everything up ‘til you’ve got the sales page of your dreams in front of you — one that’s smart, strategic, and chock-full of story and soul.



You get instant access to the whole course.

(So you can start getting your sales page sorted, like, now.)


Dive into the 11 lessons at your leisure.

(Lifetime access means you can learn at your own pace.)

Chock-full of examples.

(Because they’re the best way to learn.)



You also get four weeks of helpful emails, extra tips, and insider strategies.

(Copywriting is like boobs – having support makes a difference!)

And you can dip back in whenever you need a refresher.

(Like Ross, Rachel, and the rest of the gang, this program will ‘Be there for youuuuu, when the rain starts to pour’. Or, you know, whenever you have a new product to sell or a new sales page to write.)


We'll be covering things like...

psychology tricks to
make your readers
want to take action

(without a hint of ick, uggh,
or doucheyness).

The secret to sounding
like yourself in your
sales copy

(and why ‘authentic’ doesn't
have to mean quirk and sass).

How to sequence your page
to make maximum impact

and what to do if you're
targeting multiple types of customers

The ‘Cupid Method’ for
making your customers
fall in love with you
through story

(even if you don’t actually
have any stories to tell).

How to write insanely
clickable headlines
(sans sleaze)

and how to keep your readers
hooked once they’re on
your page.

Why you’ve got to think
like 'The Bachelor'
when it comes to your
sales copy.


''For the love of wine, please tell me, how long should a
sales page be?''

(Finally — a real answer!
Backed by science! Praise
be to Zeus!)

Should you list your prices?

What psychology reveals about pricing, when you should absolutely NOT list your prices, the right place to position the price on your page, and how to communicate the true value of your product (so readers don't get scared off).

The 'Power Words' that trigger a specific emotional response in your readers

(We're talking some Hogwarts-level
word wizardry here.)

The 7 story archetypes
to capture your prospects' attention

and get them emotionally
invested in your product
or service.

How to write compelling,
story-based copy, even if
your business is

and even if you think you "have no story".

The best way to position, structure, and format
your testimonials for
maximum impact.

(Plus: what to do if you don’t
have any testies yet.)

Done-for-you templates
and frameworks

to remove any guessing
(or stressing), and
empower you to write
with confidence.

How to use scarcity and
urgency in a way that
compels your readers to
act swiftly

(but that doesn’t erode their

The Soulful Sales Page Master
Checklist – to ensure you never leave anything out
(or any $ on the table).

Use this powerful tool to transform
ALL your sales copy — now and
in the future.

You also get these über-useful bonuses…

Get Unstuck NOW

The mindset hacks professional writers use to eliminate writer’s block, loosen up those creative muscles, and kick resistance in the shins.

The Personality Pump-Up

This step-by-step guide will show you how to go from basic to badass by infusing personality into your copy and adding different dimensions to your writing.

My Creative Process

A complete behind-the-scenes walkthrough of my copywriting process from start to finish (including the uncommon approaches that make a massive difference to my writing).

Plus so much more

This isn't a program that just *tells* you what to do ('Write a headline!' 'Use your own voice!'), it SHOWS you, step by step, line by line.
It's everything you need to write your sales page with confidence.

And by the way, sales pages are just the start...

Everything you’ll learn in this program is highly transferable — meaning it’ll help you write better copy all round, not just in
your sales stuff.

So from landing pages, to opt-ins, to everything in between, you can expect these skills to spillover into everything else you write.

Some people think that sleazy copy is the only way sell.
But I can prove otherwise...


Hi! I’m Jessica Larsen – Chief Copy-Crafter at Hello Wordsmith. And I’ve spent the past four years writing soulful copy for some of the biggest names in the online biz world.

I’ve written sales pages that have resulted in multiple-6-figure launches.

I’ve worked on products that have pulled in half-a-mill of revenue (and counting).

I’ve helped write and edit books (and the sales pages that go with them) that have landed on bestseller lists.

And I’ve written sales sequences that have sold out masterminds and coaching schedules — once with a single email.

So it’s safe to say I know a thing or three about sales copy.

As a professional copywriter, I’m madly passionate about helping women entrepreneurs unleash their creativity, write their truth, and make the kind of impact that changes minds, hearts and lives.

I’m also pretty dang enthused about helping women make money in a way that feels authentic, integrity-full, and just plain fun… Hence my obsession with soulful selling, which is exactly what I’ve channelled into this training program.

My work has been featured on…


And here’s what people have to say about my signature sales copy method…


“The response from my clients has been out of this world.”

“Jess Larsen’s work blew my mind. She got my voice, nailed the copy and had me giggling at my own sales pages. The response from my clients has been OUT OF THIS WORLD. Working with Jess was one of the best investments I EVER have made for my business and I am deliriously happy with her work. Get Jess’ words for your business if you are ready for your sales to go BOOM!”

Ellissa Jayne | EllissaJayne.com


“Jess truly is the best in the business!”

“Jess is an absolute genius at crafting copy that converts. Her work is of a meticulously high standard, on brand and so readable. A total professional and a delight to work with, having Jess write my sales copy has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my business. I want to scream from the rooftop how amazing Jess is but at the same time keep quiet so she always has some availability for my projects. Jess truly is THE BEST in the business!”

Laura Trotta | LauraTrotta.com


“This is strategic copywriting, aligned with my style.”

“What I love about Jess is her strategic mind and how she clearly thinks through the best way to position her clients and communicate to their ideal customer. Jess is not just a copywriter – she is a strategic partner.

Working with Jess is always an absolute delight, her writing is exquisite and always feels totally on brand, authentic and in alignment with my personality and style.”

Kathryn Hocking | KathrynHocking.com


“Jess has single handedly changed the way I write.”

“Jess is THE communication expert (and I don’t throw that word around willy nilly). You need her on your team. She has single handedly changed the way I write, the way I see myself and the way I deliver my message to my peeps – effectively handing me the keys to making money online and becoming the business woman I’ve been working my ass to be. Beyond her crazy mad skills with wordsmithing she is the whole B I G picture. So yeah, you needed her in your life, like, yesterday.”

Elizabeth McKenzie | The Copy Word


“Helped me find clarity in my message.”

“Working with Jess is incredible. Every part of the process – from start to finish – is laden with joy, excitement and… clarity.

The best bit? She doesn’t change the tone, feel or intention behind my words… she simply enhances them, helping to make my message smoother than Justin Timberlake’s dancing. I adore everything she’s about, everything she writes, and every moment of working with her. I highly recommend you get in touch with this lady. She will make your day, a thousand times over. She will polish your message, until it shines. She will help you find clarity, and that’s a gift we all deserve.”

Cassie Mendoza Jones | CassieMendozaJones.com


“I cannot recommend you highly enough.”

“Working with Jess has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business. Thank you so much Jess, beaming so much gratitude to you and your amazing gifts. You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend you highly enough.”

Corona Brady | CoronaBrady.com

Of course, that’s what *my* customers have to say.
Here’s what YOURS will say about you…

“Oh em gee. Where have you been all my life?
Why have I not found you sooner?
And how can I shower you with wads of cash?!”

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

“I love you,
I need you,
oh baby, oh baby.”

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

“I just stumbled across your site the other day, and
bought your product on a whim. I’m already LOVING it,
and was wondering if I can hire you for some 1:1 stuff?”

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

“I just met you. And this is crazy.
But here’s my number (& email address).
So call me maybe most definitely.”

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

“Get out of my HEAD, lady!
Your course is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for.
I just pressed purchase and can’t wait to dive in.”

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

“Hey there, I work for Oprah/ Elizabeth Gilbert/ Beyoncé.
She visited your website the other day and fell in love with your work.
Can we fly you over to her ranch/home/magical castle to chat?

– Your customers, circa 2017, after
reading your new sales page

Important Public Service Announcement:


This is not ‘just another course’ that will sit collecting dust in your downloads folder.

And it’s not one of those annoying programs that doesn’t have a tangible outcome at the end.

When you finish Write Your Own Sales Page, you’ll have… well the name gives it away, really: your own hot-diggity sales page, written and raring to go, pumped full of personality and primed to make you money.

The Investment

For a limited time only, you can get lifetime access to the complete program (including all lessons, templates, bonuses and updates) for only



Save $100

PLUS! For a Limited Time Only,
Get Access to the Free BONUS MASTERCLASS:

"Secrets of Successful Sales Emails"

In this BONUS masterclass, I'm peeling back the curtains on the email copy and sending strategies that got me a 7% conversion rate on my most recent live launch (that's more than double the industry standard).

As well as a complete SWIPE FILE of my 15+ emails, you'll get access to 90+ minutes of intensive video training, covering topics like:

#1. Sequencing Secrets: We’ll unpack the strategy behind my launch campaign, including the frequency of the emails, how I created authentic urgency, and how I avoided overwhelming my readers.

#2. Launch Copy Walkthrough: Here, you'll get a behind-the-scenes view into my entire sales email sequence, including the psychological triggers at play, the strategies that get readers excited to buy, and the writing techniques I use for maximum conversions.

#3. How to Write the Perfect Announcement Email: Get an insider’s perspective on my high-converting announcement email (including a done-for-you TEMPLATE) so you know exactly how to write a high impact kick-off email for your next launch.

Please Note: This BONUS Masterclass offer is strictly time-limited, expiring in...

All prices are in Australian Dollars. Terms and Conditions here.

An investment that pays for itself...

Basically, this program lets you take full advantage of my copywriting expertise at a fraction of the cost of hiring me one-on-one.

And if your product or service costs a couple of hundred bucks, and this program helps you sell even one extra package? You will have made your money back with your very next launch.

Of course, in all likelihood, what you’ll learn will help you sell lots more, and with every new thing you ever launch – that’s the difference between so-so copy and successful copy. So making this one-off investment now has the potential to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of your business.


My 14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

I want you to feel completely confident about purchasing Write Your Own Sales Page.

That’s why I offer this guarantee: sign up now, take 14 days to try it out, and if you feel like the program hasn’t added value to your business and copywriting skills, I'll give you a full refund straight away – no questions asked and no hard feelings. I'll even cop the processing fees.

Simply shoot through an email within 14 days of your purchase – making sure to include the completed exercises for Lesson 2 (so that I know you gave it a go, and weren’t just kicking the tyres) – and I’ll refund you the full purchase price tout de suite.

That’s how confident I am that this approach to copywriting works, and that you’ll love what you find inside (including 39 headline examples, 7 storytelling techniques, and no fewer than 3 hilarious penis jokes).

All prices are in Australian Dollars. Terms and Conditions here.


  • You’re a blogger or business owner who wants to make money doing what they love
  • You enjoy writing, but know that your sales copy could do with some more muscle...
  • … OR perhaps, you’ve NEVER written a snippet of sales copy in your life, and want to learn how to do it right the first time
  • You’ve got something to sell – whether it’s a product, a program, a service, or anything in between
  • You might already have a sales page, but it’s not performing as well as you’d hoped
  • You want to create a long-term relationship of trust with your tribe, so that they not only buy your current product, but they become raving fans who buy every product you release, ever
  • You’re prepared to actually do some thinking and drafting in order to craft a compelling sales page. Unfortunately, successful sales pages don’t spring out of thin air (if only!). They require effort. This program will guide you through every single step you need, but the process will only work if you do.

And it’s NOT your packet of potato chips if…

  • You want someone else to do the writing for you – this program is about teaching you how to write successful sales copy yourself, so you’ve got this skill for life.
  • You want to trick your clients into buying from you using old-school marketing sleaze tactics.
  • You care more about short-term gains than the longevity of your business.
  • You don’t want to take action on what you’ve learned. (Copywriting is one of those skills you can only get better at by doing, so while you’ll learn a lot by just reading this stuff, the real momentum comes with following through.)

While we’re on the topic of who this program isn’t for, we should also talk about the things that this program won’t do…

Like wash the dishes, braid your hair, or give you a cookie-cutter template.

To be clear: this program isn’t about giving you a formula or a fill-in-the-blanks template. (You, your business, and your customers deserve better than that.)

Instead, it’s about equipping you with skills, tools, and a useful-A.F. roadmap so that you feel confident enough to bust your own groove and write your heart out, while having the confidence that your words are going to speak straight to the souls of your customers.

Got a question?

Success leaves clues.

And one of the biggest clues you’ll spot on the interwebs – if you know what to look for – is that the people who are killing it online are really good at writing sales copy.

In fact, every big-timer I’ve ever worked with has this feature in common. Even if they’ve gone on to outsource their writing, they know how to write kick-ass sales copy themselves.


Because they know that not even a pro copywriter can know their voice until they know their voice.

Because they know that mastering this skill can be the difference between a four-figure launch or a five/six/seven-figure one.

And because they don’t want to be dependent on someone else for something that’s so integral to their business.

That’s why, even as a professional copywriter (who makes her living writing other people’s websites) I am constantly telling my clients that learning how to write good copy themselves is the most powerful income-generating skill they can have in their business.

From Facebook ads to webinars to (yet another round of) business coaching, there are literally hundreds of things you could do to try to increase your impact – and income – online.

But nothing will move the needle more effectively (and more rapidly) than learning how to write good copy.


So come join me...

I'd love to share what I know, show you the nuts and bolts behind this creative process, and skill you up to write freaking amazing sales pages.

This truly is the sort of training that will spill over into so many areas of your business, and that will pay off exponentially down the track…

Because when you can write clear, heartfelt copy?

That sounds undeniably like you?

And that speaks straight to the heart of your reader?

Your words won’t just lead to a one-off sale…

… They’ll create a lifelong customer.

All prices are in Australian Dollars.
Terms and Conditions: Can be viewed here.
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